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The Puppet Company

FINAL LOGO registeredThe story of The Puppet Company starts in the mid 1970’s when the ‘Directors’ met at college in England where Sue was studying Early Years Education and Peter was studying Ceramics and Art. They both used puppets in their subsequent teaching practices and quickly became aware of a puppets ability to capture a child’s imagination and enhance their learning.

After many years of teaching, and forays into different industries, they found their hearts and instincts always led them back to their love of puppets! What started as a home-grown business (literally in their garage!) in 2003, The Puppet Company has since grown to be Europe’s largest puppet company, producing over 750 different registered designs!

The Puppet Company product range caters to all ages and covers the full puppet spectrum, from Finger Puppets to Hand Puppets, Full-Bodied to Marionettes.
There is no puppet company in the world that can equal the quality, playability, and joyful fun our puppets provide! Enjoy!