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Creativity for Kids

Visit to view 50+ product videos of Creativity for Kids. Everything you need is included…just add imagination!


In 1976 Phyllis Brody and Evelyn Greenwald, the founders of Creativity for Kids, had a dream that their unique concept of enriching, open-ended creative activities would inspire children all around the world. With hard work, a dedicated mission and respected friendships along the way, their dream became reality.

Today the Creativity for Kids Brand has grown into a global manufacturing and distribution business reaching children in more than 35 countries. Our headquarters in Valley View, Ohio located just 20 minutes South East of Downtown Cleveland, remains true to its original roots. Our family (A.K.A. employees) continues to grow and currently consists of 70 members in the US, each contributing their own unique spirit to the brand.

True to Phyllis and Evelyn’s original dream that launched Creativity for Kids and the mission that guides us, we look forward to the future of enriching the lives of children everywhere with fun and constructive experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity.

Visit Creativity For Kids ( for more product information and to view 50+ crafting videos visit Everything you need is included…just add imagination!

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